"Wherever you are is the entry point."  Kabir


My practice is dedicated to queer and gender expansive individuals and their families, including assessment and ongoing support in all stages of life.  Sometimes people need a gender competent provider to support them in other areas, like anxiety, depression, OCD, and trauma. I always have room for gender affirmation letters.  I meet 1:1 if interested in group therapy to see if that would be a good mode of therapy for you.    Also, I offer consultation and trainings for therapists and medical providers to better support transgender and nonbinary folx, and develop skills like how to write gender affirmation letters according to WPATH standards of care. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, large or small.


In addition to supporting queer and gender folx and their families, I also have a sub-specialty in trauma and dissociative disorders, including dissociation as a survival skill from trauma and folx with DID who have at least one gender expansive part.  I have experience helping with depression and anxiety, including OCD.  I work with adolescents (age 11 or older), and adults of all ages.  I see clients individually, as families, and facilitate groups. Some of the issues I work with include:

  • Identity work with gender expansive teens and adults

  • Parent's adjustment and their gender exploring/gender expansive children's needs

  • Anxiety, depression, OCD

  • Trauma processing

  • Working with systems to improve functioning and communication

  • Dissociative Disorders including DID

  • Physical, sexual and emotional abuse recovery


I have advanced training and experience supporting trans womxn, NB folx, trans masculine individuals and systems, parents and their LGBTQ children.  It is important to have a safe place to explore your identity, figure out how to come out at school or work, what to say to immediate and extended family, talk about dating or current relationships, talk about the effects of hetero and cissexism etc.  I can help you get connected to supportive resources.  Not every gender expansive person needs or wants medical intervention, but I believe in informed consent for all genders, support ICATH, am extremely familiar WPATH and insurance requirements for support letters.  I am committed to helping you navigate requirements to making reaching your gender goals as smooth as possible.  

I received my B.S. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego in 1990, and my M.S.W. from the University of Washington in 1994, with a focus on mental health.  I am a Washington State Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW) and WPATH member.

I have worked with children, adolescents and adults for over 25 years.  My clinical internship was completed at Harborview Sexual Assault Center.  I have worked in research, school based therapeutic treatment programs, community mental health,  and hospital settings with a focus on crisis intervention, mental health evaluations, pregnancy, miscarriage, post partum depression, chronic illness of children and adults, and end of life planning.  It has been my privilege to work as a hospice social worker, supporting patients and their families through health decline, end of life, and also complicated bereavement.

You need a safe environment to build trust, and share sensitive issues.  I use a compassionate, strength based approach, and think in terms of life development while working together.  I use evidence based practice, including CBT and Mindfulness, to look at how your thoughts, feelings and behavior are related, when helping you solve problems.  I use lifespan integration to treat trauma and improve mental health. To engage people in life changing therapy, I also help explore how relationship patterns learned early in life affect patterns that are causing current stress, emotional pain and “stuck points”.  I hope to empower you to find your voice, experience meaningful relationships, and create a life where you feel supported and at your best.

I have deep respect for all backgrounds, genders, races, perspectives, orientations, religious and nonreligious beliefs.


I am a cisgender woman who tries to be aware of my privilege.  Promoting transgender and nonbinary folx' connections is important to me.  I have two queer kids who are both in college, one who is an artist who is trans and a another who is non-trans and a music performance major.


 harder in the long run.  Let's figure out together how to get you some relief.


Changing is always difficult, no matter what stage of life you are in, but not changing is usually much

Teens (12-17)

Gender dysphoria can be complex, so experiencing this complexity during the volatile time of adolescence can put serious strain on the relationship between parents and their kids, cause problems at home, school, and lead to anxiety and depression.  I use brain science, and compassion for teens and parents to help relieve strain, increase communication and understanding, and set a path for a lifetime of healthy relationships.

Therapeutic Groups
Helping Your Anxious Child:
A Group for Parents

Visual Journaling:

A Non-Traditional, Therapeutic Group for Teens Dealing With Anxiety and/or Depression  


Trans Womxn and NB Femme

Clients' needs will determine weekly

topics that will guide group therapy



Tuesday 28 May 2019 11:59 

Here’s a huge thing that happened yesterday in Australia. Eight national sports codes launched their trans inclusion policies at the same time. It’s been received overwhelmingly positively (so far).

National Sporting Organisations Commit to Landmark Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion Measures





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